Monday, September 14, 2009

Enter Here article

I just finished reading the short article by Kajder, "Enter Here". I thought it was a great article of how the teacher motivated her students to complete their own digital stories. Also, I think the steps listed in the article on completing the stories will be very helpful when creating our own digitial stories (if that is the type of project you might want to do for this course). Just thought I would share that with you, in case you were like me and had no idea where to begin. Hopefully it will be helpful. :)

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  1. Hi Noelle,
    I just finished the paper “Enter Here: Personal Narrative and Digital Storytelling” too, Just like you said, this is a truly good article for a beginner. I grab basic idea of making digital story. It states the concept of new literature that includes online technologies such as email, instant messaging, skypy, wiki, all the software tools from web1 to web 2. By making a digital story, which composes the personal narrative and images (video or pictures), will motivate students to work not only as readers and writers but also as directors, artists, designer …etc.
    According to Kajder, “The personal narrative needed to be a window into a moment, a self-contained story set in one particular place and time.” To choose the topic which is worthy to tell, I will change my theme accordingly. I am not going to do my dog Bella, I am thinking something worthy to tell, such as my own story, my daughter’s story, which seem to be more meaningful though.
    Once topic chosen, take pictures or make films, work on narrative scripts, import pictures, add transitions and special effects, record narration, add soundtracking, and burn a finish work on a DVD. I feel like I am getting more power once I know where to start.
    Have a nice long weekend.