Sunday, September 20, 2009

Second Life

Hello everyone!

I just went to Second Life. It is cool. I think it will be exciting when I get handle on how to move and get around Second Life. I have a question about Second Life. How do you navigate the tutorial on Orientation Island? It seeems like I am just moving around and not getting any information. Therefore, I am confused. Can someone help me? Thank you.


  1. Have you searched Youtube for how-to tutorials? Have you watched all the videos available here: ?

    Keep us posted on how you go.

  2. Hello Jennifer,

    There should be a tutorial dialogue box in the mid-to-upper left hand part of the screen that you can scroll through.

    If that is not appearing for some reason, you can try this link, which apparently includes the top 10 Second Life tutorials:

    I hope this helps!