Friday, September 18, 2009

Make your own point-and-click games!

This might be something very much worth your while to spend some time mucking around with (might be useful for creating your media artifact to accompany your main video project). You do need to understand flash animation a little--let me know if you need a how-to resource on this and I'll email it to you.

Basically, is a game engine accessed online that you can use to create your own point-and-click games (i.e., your mouse cursor is the control device, and you can use it to navigate through or around settings, to select game options (e.g., "ring bell", "talk to ghost"), and to access additional information about the game narrative to help you solve or complete the game itself. The truly excellent thing is that it looks like the FableForge engine helps you to create really polished-looking games with just a modicum of knowledge about how such games are developed. That's our kind of produser service!

The website itself is designed to be both a space where you can create your games, play other people's games and comment upon/review and discuss these games (cf., Gee's concept of "affinity spaces").

The introductory video tutorial is a gem--the creator of Fableforge is a delightful commentator, and the tutorial is really comprehensive. Marco is also in the process of developing additional vdieo tutorials, available through his YouTube account.


  1. I'm having some trouble setting up an account in Fableforge...anyone else experience that?? ....:)Do I need to set up an account????

  2. I got it to work!!! Thanks anyway!!!