Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is here the only blog site we use for MEDI 503?

So we should post in “Education Media Moguls” blog instead of our personal blogger site. Am I right? I used to post in my personal blogger, I guess for MEDI 503, we all need to post in this “Education Media Moguls”, not personal blogger.

Thank you for any response.


  1. Yes, Tiffany--this is a collaborative blog where everyone in the class contributes. One objective for this blog is for you all to experience first hand what it looks like to have a single space were you can share in everyone's ideas, suggestions, ecommendations and the like. for me, this helps to facilitate ongoing discussion and a sense that you're writing for a real audience.

  2. got it. Thank you Dr. Michele. Is it ok I film my dog Bella for my movie. This movie will include Bella's funny moves. Please let me know if this is not appropriate.
    Thank you