Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting to know Second Life

Hi everyone! I finally created a secondlife account and avatar! It's awesome! I love it because I can recreate myself in a fantasy world. I'm still playing around with it but it seems very interesting. It was simple to create the name is stellauniverse Soulstar :) Hope to see you all there!
Mary A


  1. I created an account as well. I am not that computer savvy so I hope I did it correctly. My second life name is teresa esmerald

  2. My second life name is Yenyen Ying. I like SL too. I learned it when I was taking MEDI 506 and found out it is a terrific place the online class can meet each other. The class meeting in Second Life was a good and special experience. There was more information than we can take in the class, because students are allowed to say something at the same time. We don’t raise hands before we speak in SL.:) We were calling out, which is not permitted in the regular classroom. I think it is a challenge for teacher who hosts the class meeting in the SL. She or he may need to listen to all the students at the same time.