Friday, December 11, 2009

The Art of Multitasking

I just saw this commercial and it reminded me of Kevin Leander’s case study of students multitasking in the classroom. Because many schools have turned digital, students are now required to carry and use their laptops throughout the day. Leander explores the case study of Mia who uses her laptop in a class. She pays attention and participates, but also writes a blog on Xanga at the same time. When her teacher walks by, she quickly opens a Word document and types a sentence regarding the class discussion. Because Mia can multitask and get away with it she will use the computer how she does at home and not in the way her school has intended.

This commercial is very similar. A man in a meeting “invites” Facebook onto his phone. Because of the capabilities of his phone (which the commercial is aimed to promote), he is able to open an Excel document so no one will see that he is trying to access a “fun” social networking site at the office. His fellow coworkers approvingly look on at him.

See everyone tomorrow. I am exited to see the final projects!

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