Sunday, December 13, 2009

Teresa's video

Hello everyone--

Here's the link to Teresa's published video:

She's so very disappointed about not having been able to show it to you in class, but I'm sure you'll all watch it and appreciate it very much. It's a lovely account of Teresa's life and the things that are important to her (I especially like the bit where she's at Montclair Uni!).

Well done, Teresa! And thank you for sharing something so personal with us!


  1. Teresa – your movie turned out great and I love the song you picked. Congratulations!

  2. Teresa, your video was so touching! I really got a feel of what's most important in your life. Your daughter is absolutely adorable! Your autobiographical account would be a great assignment to complete with students. Wonderful job! I also love that song, too!

  3. Adorable! Congratulations! :)

  4. Teresa,

    Such a good video! I love how you incorporated both still and moving pictures!

  5. I watched Teresa's video before and now on blogger. You did a great job! Congratulations again on the new baby on the way:)