Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hello Classmates! Its been a while but I am sure that you all have been very busy (to say the least) This link is a shortcut to Deb & my project on Change. We are very proud of it, we hope you enjoy it as well. We've spent countless hours perfecting it-and this is as good as it is going to get! Whew!!! It was a ton of fun but nerve wracking as well especially for a Gemini. Is been has been posted on you tube (wow what an ordeal that was) , Twitter, and Face book. We hope it develops a following. Enjoy!
Just to wrap up - I have been exposed to a variety of different forums to conceptualise ideas for not only my personal stuff but ideas that I will integrate into my classroom. My only regret was that my video was just a tad too long for Voice Thread. I really wanted to post it on there. I will hopefully post something in the future. I have discovered so many different websites. Some on my own some with assistance. Thanks Dr. K and fellow classmates for all the suggested readings, postings, websites, and various links-they were amazing.


  1. Wow! Bibi and Deb, amazing job! If either one of you have a classroom, I would definetly suggest showcasing this to the class. It's awesome! I throughly enjoyed the video and I can't wait to see it showcased with our class! And the way you both weaved Stop Motion Animation into your video along with other tactics we learned in class was great! You definetly INSPIRED me!

  2. Thanks Jessica! We appreciate it! -and yes I have shown it to my classes and have a project that I am currently doing with my upper grades with this.