Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finish Movie to convert a movie project into a movie video

This midnight, I tried to fix some problems in my movie project. Those problems include that the music imported from outside became not working, and the video motion became interrupted and delayed. I assume these happen because I have saved so many versions of movies that I ran out of computer memory. After I deleted many outdated movie files, and downloaded again music pieces, these problems still exist. I decided to put my movie onto Youtube to see whether it is my computer’s problem. However, when I uploaded my movie onto Youtube, Youtube rejected it because of invalid format. I thought it should not have any problem to post Windows Movie Maker movie onto Youtube. I search solution from internet and finally I found my answer from Youtube sites:
These two youtube videos solved my problems, and then my movie project became a movie video and can be uploaded onto Youtube or Facebook. Meanwhile, the good news is the music track and motion problems in my movie project were solved too. Now in my movie project, music is played well and motion is moving smoothly. I love try and error because I learn from it. I need to jot down this experience to share with others and for my own reference. It was midnight,and I was content to go to sleep then.

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