Monday, December 7, 2009

Do They Delete the Animal's Facebook Page?

This is the day due for conceptual essay and Google Docs journal. I can't believe the time runing so soon.
I created a faux Facebook for my dog Bella who is the main character in my movie project. However, I heard people said they will delete your Facebook page if the owner is an animal. Is that true?I post some of Bella's pictures in his photo album. It is very funny to do so.
The content in the Facebook only can be shared with invited friends. How can I send its URL to Dr. Knobel? Unless Dr. Knobel creates a faux Facebook page
particularly for MEDI 503 and then we can become friends.


  1. Hi Tiffany....I created a faux YouTube page in Photoshop. I wasn't sure if we created something online if anyone would be able to view it.

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  3. I don't see why they would delete the facebook page, even if it is for an animal. I think there is a Dogbook application within Facebook. I remember my friend made one for her dog, but I can't seem to find it now on her profile.

    I think the best thing would be to ask Professor Knobel if she has an existing Facebook account to befriend her or just sign on the Facebook page for Bella in class for her to view.

  4. Hi Grace,
    Sorry to respond so late. My faux Facebook for Bella is actually a real one, however, just to pretend Bella is really working on its Facebook. You can take a look Bella's Facebook by friend with "Bella Yorkie" at "".