Monday, November 2, 2009

Copyright issues

Hey checkout - in my quest to find articles for the paper I am writing with BiBi about remix and copyrighting, I came across this link. Creative Commons provides a framework and standardized way to grant copyright permissions to the creative work of individuals, large companies, schools, etc.


  1. You are quite the Detective Deb. Love it! It has great information for our papernot braking the law and getting us arrested (lol). Love that it is very clear on what can andhave to be considered and taken. Gold Star!!!

  2. I am doing this for my conceptual essay. Creative Commons (CC) is a non-profit organization which issues copyright licenses known as creative Commons licenses. This license allows students and teachers to determine what rights they reserve and what rights they would waive to share when they post original works online. After registering, either “Some Rights Reserved” or “No Rights Reserved” message will attach to the original works. For the works with “No Rights Reserved” sign allow to share without copyright concern.

  3. I also stumbled across this site in relation to Lawerence Lessig, who I'm looking into for my conceptual essay. I believe he helped create the Creative Commons.