Monday, November 30, 2009

Some Exploring with Digital Storytelling

Wanted to share some of these sites with everyone!

  • The first link is to "DigiTales: The Art of Telling Digital Stories. At this website, there are just so many categories to choose from! To give a shortened form, you can choose "DigiTale Tools" which will give you specific information depending upon whether you have a MAC or WINDOWS. Also, it gives you little tidbits on how to do VoiceOvers. There is also a "StoryKeepers' Gallery" where you can view other videos that users have posted. There is a tab for "Evaluating Projects," where there is information on how to set-up peer review for video production. There is also a "Resources" tab where you can find an abundant amount of information to choose from ranging from topics such as Copyright Savy and Classroom Connections. Definetly a site to check out. Students can even check it out as well where there is DigiTale Tools for the Kids.

  • VoiceThread is a comprehensive website that offers educators to provide a new opportunity to talk about and share images, documents, and videos. Students can comment and discuss on a video as they are viewing it. These commentaries can be done by telephone, webcam, microphone, and file sharing. Students upload the video, others comment, and these comments are shared with the class.

  • Story Center is a place for digital story telling. On the website are articles links to digital storytelling and other website links pertaining to digital storytelling.

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