Friday, November 20, 2009

Downloading and Converting Video Clips for Movie Maker

Finally, I've made a breakthrough! I had been struggling to find the right software in order to download and convert video files for my presentation, but finally I have found a process that works quite well! Of course, downloading one program gave me a virus, which set me back a little bit because I had to try to regain control of my computer before moving forward. Alas, I suppose that is all part of that "pleasant frustration" concept!

I have found that the website works quite well in terms of downloading the video files. Once on the site, I paste the desired URL from YouTube into the appropriate field and select "Download." I then click "Download flv" and save the file to my computer. Now it is time to convert it. The easiest program I found to do this is called "Any Video Converter," which I was able to download for free. I first must choose to convert the vid to the proper format, which is "Customized WMV Movie." Then I click "Add Video," choose the video that I want to convert, and select "Convert" Moments later, I have the ability to import the newly converted video clip into Windows Movie Maker. After all of that trouble, this is a thing of beauty!


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  2. My group and I had the same problem at first - we downloaded a certain converter and it gave one of our computers a virus. We also came across, as well as, and The last site is actually for searching for videos, music and images and and did not work for us at the time.

    Zamzar is also great! Videos can be converted on their server/website, so no software needs to be downloaded. And once the video is converted, they email it to you. Glad to hear you came across this and definitely know how you feel - the process becomes much easier once you find a program that works. :)

  3. Zamzar is great. It is SO easy to use. My group and I used it for the song we wanted to include in our final project/video. You just follow the easy step-by-step instructions on the website, upload the song, pick the way you want to convert it, provide your email, and they send you a link to your converted song. We were then able to take that version & put it in our video...piece of cake! =)