Sunday, November 8, 2009

Windows Movie Maker Issue

As my group and I continue to work on our project, we are running into some technical issues with Windows Movie Maker. Everytime we edit a few things, the program does not want to cooperate. We then have to close out the program, restart it, and then continue to work. But again, we work for a few minutes and the problem continues. Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, how do we fix it? It is making the process of editing the video much longer than it has to be.


  1. Noelle,
    I use Movie Maker too. You mention you are having a problem with the program cooperating. I am not experiencing your problem. If you can be more specific in exactly in what it allows and not allows you do, maybe I can help. Let me know.

  2. As Noelle mentioned, our group is having such a hard time with Windows Movie Maker! Our remix video is nearly complete. All we need to do is add our music and a few other minor details; however, Movie Maker keeps FREEZING every few minutes which is causing us to lose some of our information if we haven't saved it yet. Also, when we play our video it is very choppy and keeps skipping. We even tried saving the movie to an external hard drive and playing it from there but it's still not cooperating with us! We have been using Kelly's laptop, so Noelle and I are going to try it on ours to see if that works. We are so happy with our remix video; however, we are also so frustrated because we are spending a lot of wasted time on dealing with this technical problems. Ugh! Advice please!

    Erika Pavlecka 11/9/09