Sunday, November 15, 2009

Narrative piece and movie maker

Hello everyone.

How is everyone doing on their movies? I am making real progress. I added video clips and music to my movie. But, I have a problem with the narrative piece. I want to do blogs for my narrative piece but I am unable to figure out how to write the blogs, save the blogs, and import them in movie maker. Does anyone know I can go about doing this? In class on Saturday I am going to ask the question to the class to see if anyone knows. Let me know on Saturday if you can help. Thanks.


  1. I have a question how do you save your movie. Everytime we work on it and we save it i go back in and certain images are not saved and everything is moved around - definitely not how we left it...are you having a problem with that?

  2. And just to clarify (I spoke with Jennifer about this in class), your narrative movie and companion pieces are two separate media pieces.