Thursday, October 8, 2009

My school is making technological advances!

Hi everyone-
I just found something out at work today that I found interesting & exciting, in terms of technology...currently, our school uses for teacher webpages (to post homework, announcements, etc.). Someone from the technology dept. just informed me that soon, we will be transitioning into blog sites instead, so that parents/teachers/students/caregivers can communicate quickly, posting comments/questions/etc. I think it's great that schools are beginning to realize/accept the times & Web 2.0 digital technologies. I think a blogging site is much more useful as a classroom's website, as opposed to just having a traditional teacher website. Anyone & everyone in the class should be able to add to the site.


  1. You are lucky. My school blocks everything. I need to observe all the computers in my library using the Netop software installed in my computer. I can supervise those computer and I was told to block any inappropriate sites such as "Blogger, Facebook, Youtube....from students. Of course, my school IT observe every computer is school. I am afraid to use blogger and Youtube too.

  2. Kelly--that is good news. Blogs are so much more dynamic than web pages, and, as you say, much more interactive, too.

    tiff, it *is* difficult when schools very much expect teachers to surveill students--the baseline assumption is that students can't be trusted, which is really rather sad. My [personal experience when working with school students has been that if the task given to them to complete using computers is sufficiently engaging, then they don't even think of visiting websites considered harmful to them.

  3. Some websites do harm the computer when we download stuff. I am afraid to download some "strangers" to my computer, because I have such bad experience in downloading them and breaking down my computer system. Therefore, before downloading, we need to check whether the resource is trustworthy. In school, some websites may not be good for youngster. Therefore, my school uses very strong firewall to block harmful-to-be and inappropriate websites in spite that it also sacrifices some good research websites. This is a controversy.