Friday, October 23, 2009

NEA Article

I think the point of colleagues viewing learning new things at work is well taken. Of course it's work, at least in the beginning learning stages, but then becomes matter of fact after the initial uncomfortable phase. We are all at different places in our lives, and those of us that teach and have families, definitely feel inundated. But the good news and the end result is that it is doable!
Colleagues that have been teaching for many years do feel overwhelmed and with all the reports we are required to complete by administration, they do see this as more work. I think if we are going to incorporate new literacies into our curriculum it can serve as a replacement for other ways we taught the "same" skill. The bottom line is that regardless if teachers agree or not about new literacies becoming a part of the curriculum, it will be if the district in which you are employed requires that it will be. Sometimes that is the motivating factor

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  1. Deb-great point! It is a bit overwhelming but once it becomes common practice when it is required you actually seem to forget the "old" way you use to do thing. The senior teachers are a bit more reluctant nearing the end of there carrer. I see it everyday even before I get a good morning I am reminded, buy a few teachers how many yrs they have until retirement. :(