Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am impressed

I took a look at Legomation and sand animation (links from Dr. Knobel's blog) and needless to say they are amazing. But the doll and figure animation is truly a winner. It combines an enormous amount of talent, which I doubt I can ever duplicate, with a spiritual quality that really makes it a one of a kind project.

Does anyone know of any workshops at MSU or otherwise?


  1. I second that! I thought the clay animation was impressive as well! The whole time, I kept thinking how they make this happen with such ease(as it looks). I was a fan of the Michael Jackson clay animation. That was cool!

  2. I'll bring a camera on Saturday for our class and you can muck around with it then if you like. It's not as tricky as it looks--just needs a *lot* of patience!