Saturday, October 10, 2009

Making my movie

Hello everyone!

After I brainstormed yesterday, I found a great idea for my movie. I surfed the web and found great photos to save and use in my movie. Today, I went into Windows Movie Maker to create my movie. I had no problem importing the photos and adding them to the storyboard, and adding titles before the clips. Then, I decided I wanted to add music or sound clips to my movie. I went on the web and found some good clips, downloaded and heard them, or saved them into a file. But, when I went to import them in Windows Movie Maker, it gave me a message that the file is incompatible or cannot find it. Is anyone else using Windows Movie Maker? Does anyone know how to import music or sound into the storyboard in Windows Movie Maker? If you can help, please let me know how I can proceed. Thank you.


  1. Ahh--yes. Not all music files are compatible with windows Movie Maker. do a Google search to find which ones are, then another search to find a free music file converter ( might be useful here, too). Let us know how you go!

  2. You have to change the file to AVI. When you save it on your computer you have to save it differently. We changed the file name to avi and it worked for Windows media

  3. Yes, you need to find the compatible music files to be used in the Movie Maker. The uncompressed WAV and AIFF files can be imported. I found the following website has useful information.

    When I imported pictures or clips, I encountered some similar problems until I saved it under a compatible file format, then I can use it.