Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trimming the Timeline With Precision in Windows Movie Maker

Hello everyone! I would like to further investigate something discussed in today's class. While the class offered many interesting points regarding our final movie project, one of my major concerns was on how to synch the audio and video clips properly while editing to ensure a clean and precise final product. While Windows Movie Maker has a "Timeline View" where one can adjust the length of a given clip by dragging from the right, I was looking for a more precise way to set the length of the clip.

In iMovie on our lab Apple Computers, one can precisely adjust the timeline by double-clicking on an image or video clip and choosing a length of time that this particular clip will remain playing. I was extremely giddy when this was brought to my attention and hopeful that Windows Movie Maker would contain the same feature!

Alas, when I arrived home and brought up Movie Maker to test this procedure, I found that double-clicking on a clip in the "Timeline View" does absolutely nothing of use. I am going to try to scour some web searches and forums for a good solution to this conundrum. In the meantime, any suggestions here would be most welcome! Thank you!


  1. Did you try right-clicking on the clip?

  2. I'm also going to keep investigating this further and ask some other resources who are proficient users of Windows Movie Maker. I will keep everyone posted if find anything out.


  3. Hello everyone,

    I was able to find a pretty good resource that helps solve the issue of trimming clips proficiently within Windows Movie Maker. You can find it at the following link . . .

    Once on the page, click on the "Watch the Movie" link for the tutorial. I hope this helps!