Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Second Life

This was an old post but I am just getting my post to actually go on our blog-bear with me
When we had class last week on Second Life I had a chance to explore a Disney Inspired Island (Mouse island)with my avatar. The only word that actually comes to mind is OhMiiGod! Wow I was quickly transported to a replica of the Magic Kingdom. I quickly called over my three little ones and they started screaming, try sending them to bed after seeing this IMPOSSIBLE! Well I let them stay up and help me navigate and explore. I was truly incredible they little ones were in awe they rode the Dumbo ride, even had the elephant ride up and down. The went into the Haunted house and took lots of pictures of our "Ghost Host" it was a hoot. The my girls recalled what they had seen in Disney on previous trips (FYI we have been there about 12+ times my mother works for Disney) They knew exactly were everything was and what they should see. I was fascinated not only but the technology which was surreal-to put it mildly. I was fascinated buy the level of excitement it brought my girls they were squealing and clicking and made me make them popcorn at 8:30 so they can experience the park properly. I would so love to expose my students to this I could defiantly see them discovering ancient Tombs during an Egypt research project or visit the Greek Ruins for a project or even touring the human body for research. The possibilities are endless. TTFN!

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